Rs.7,000.0 From / per night


  • Bed 1
  • People 5


Situated just 20 kms away from the hill town of Darjeeling, Lamahatta Farms offers a quiet and tranquil getaway for the urban dweller as well as the adventure seeker. For the traveller looking for something different and unique for themselves and their families, Lamahatta Farms offers a wide variety of options in terms of outdoor activities, farming and gardening and fun time and great outdoor spaces for children. Also included is a swimming pool which provides great entertainment to children as well as grown-ups.
For the traveller planning to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life or in need of a real peaceful break, Lamahatta Farms offers peace and solitude in forms of quiet spots in and around the Farm and solitary tents and villas.

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