Premium Handmade Darjeeling Tea




Darjeeling Tea
Popularly known as the Champagne of teas, Darjeeling tea is considered to be finest and
premiumly flavoured throughout the world. A sip of tea leaves one with a feeling of joy and
Its benefits

    • Neutralises harmful chemicals during digestion and eliminates toxins.
    • Combats dehydration
    • It regulates the stress hormone and leaves you care-free and happy.
    • Weight Loss
    • Improvement of Bone and Dental Strength

How to Prepare Darjeeling Tea
Step 1: Pour some water in the vessel.
Step 2: Just before the water starts to boil, let it sit for a moment.
(205 degree Fahrenheit)
Step 3: Boil the water and let it sit still for a while.
Step 4: Brew it for three to five minutes.
Step 5: Enjoy the Darjeeling Tea.

Varied taste that can be found in a cup of Darjeeling Tea
Musky: Vegetal: Mossy: Fruity: Citrus

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200 gms


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